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When the City of Noche found itself under attack in 1963 from the Gods of the Abyss- a mysterious group of super-villains led by the dreaded Caenis – the city formed the Silver Defense League to protect itself and its citizens.

Now in 1969, Friedrich K. Ulrichs is paramedic by day and a drag queen at night who often finds himself dealing with the bloody aftermath of the Gods of the Abyss assaults.  When he meets Jerry Jones, a police officer with the Noche City Police Department, the two begin a secret affair.

When Jerry earns the wrath of the Gods of the Abyss by foiling an attack, a series of events soon allow him to gain the power to control the elemental force of lightning. However, in an era where the lives of gender and sexual minorities are criminalized, Jerry soon finds his abilities turned against those closest to him.

Meanwhile, Plato and Naomi – two homeless transgender youth whose memories of their past lives were stolen from them – wander the streets of Noche City scavenging for clues to their origins.

When a dark secret regarding the history of both the Gods and the Abyss and the Silver Defense League is revealed, the City of Noche is set on a dangerous path towards revolution.

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